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Appalachian Memories - Machine EmbroideryE

The Appalachian Memories Quilt features 12 embroidered barn motifs, each with a different quilt block on the side of the barn. Each embroidered block is then placed within a traditional "Hole in the Barn Door" block. The finished quilt measures 74" x 92". The disk includes all 12 barns in 2 different sizes!
The larger motifs range in size from 180 mm x 108.4 mm (12084 stitches) to 180 mm x 169.4 mm (18172 stitches).
The smaller ones range in size from 136 mm x 82 mm (9520 stitches) to 136.2 mm x 128.2 mm (14204 stitches).
In addition the complete instructions fro the quilt is included on the disk.

Not in Chains

Made in USA