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Times are changing! Kimberbell Changes M15 15 2024

The Kimberbell retail stores were advised recently that Kimberbell will be selling more of their products on-line.

I know this was a very difficult decision for them.  It seems like more and more businesses are making this change to stay competitive. 

As you know, times have been difficult the past few years.  No one is immune.   Quilt shops have closed and many e stores were unhappy to see this change as Kimberbell has always been supportive of shopping local.

We all must adjust.  I plan to continue selling Kimberbell products and have our Kimberbell embroidery club.  I hope that you will first purchase locally from your favorite shops.  Quilt 4 U will continue to list all embroidery we carry from them on our website.  However, if you decide to order directly from their company, would you consider using the affiliate link below:              (This is the Quilt 4 U affiliant link for purchases.)

This will give me a  small credit whenever you order directly from Kimberbell.  Your  local shops will have an affiliate link too but hopefully, you will look to them first when making a purchase.