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May 29 2023 More from Quilt 4 U

New Patterns:

Snowman Collector - Hand Embroidery

Machine Embroidery Products:


New Kimberbell Blank Tote - color of gray is slightly darker than shown

  Kimberbell Cuties 2

Enjoy seasonal smiles with Kimberbell Cuties, Vol. 2: January-June! Made entirely in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine, our quilted table toppers celebrate the first half of the year with pieced blocks and darling designs. Stitch a beautiful themed pattern in the center square, then frame with adorable snowmen, conversation hearts, leprechauns, and more! Each 22 x 22” table topper features a variety of embellishments, coordinating block-by-block and border quilting designs, and 2” Bitty Blocks for the corners. (Quilting sold separately.) Made in 5x7 (or larger) hoops, Kimberbell Cuties are a festive way to brighten each day!

New Kits:

Keene Valley Lap Quilt 64.5 x 76.5 - Kiti includes fabric and binding.  If you would like a kit, let us know.

There are some new special purchase opportunities coming from Kimberbell.  If you you this link:you will be directed to the website.  My store will then receive credit for any purchase you might decide to make:

Kimberbell Vault:


Create unique and simple gifts with Kimberbell Sweet Feet! Our Volume 1 collection includes six shoes: Ballet Slipper, Figure Skate, High Heel, Mary Jane, Santa’s Elf, and Whimsical Witch. Each design is available in two sizes for 4x4 and 5x7 hoops! Stitch entirely in-the-hoop, then fill with sports drinks, treats, and more. From dance recitals to holiday celebrations, Kimberbell Sweet Feet are

always in style! 

Use the link below 



Books on sale at Quilt 4 u: (limited quantities available - also on website) 

    Books on Sale:
Book: Was: Now:  
Stitch it for fall $12.99 $5.00  
Jello Roll Bargello Quilt $18.95 $6.00  
Gorgeous Wool Applique $29.95 $6.00  
Here Comes Winter $26.99 $6.00  
Town Square $21.00 $6.00  
Animal Parade $26.99 $8.00  
Banner Day $27.00 $6.00  
Wool Gathering $24.00 $5.00  
Christmas Pure and Simple $19.00 $5.00  
Crazier Eights Playbook $15.00 $5.00  
Jelly Roll Bargello $18.95 $6.00  
My Enchanted Garden $27.99 $6.00  
Remembrance $25.00 $6.00  
Simple Christmas Tidings $28.99 $7.00  
Story Time $29.95 $7.00  

We need to reduce inventory due to incoming products and reduce items in the store room - we are full and need to make room!  MORE MAY BE COMING!  ORDER EARLY FROM THE WEBSITE BEFORE THEY ARE GONE. 


Fabric groups on sell now thru June 10th in store :

Andover Fabrics - 25% off

Kaufman Fabrics - 25% off

Batiks - 30% off