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Missouri Shop 2023 NEWS!

There is a contest to recognize your favorite quilt shops.  Here is the link:

I would love to have your vote but even if it is not me, please vote for one of your favorites.  The shop hop is a lot of work for your stores and it would be great to see a couple of them recognized.  All information and the voting form should be on the link above.

Each vote must include valid store information, a comment about that store, and the voter’s email address. Only one vote will be accepted per voter and email addresses may be validated.

The winning stores will be chosen via a combination of best comments and number of votes, so please don’t hold back on the stories about your shop.

Voting is open from the 4th Saturday in January through the end of February annually.

Shop Hop 2023 will be in September and October.  The new vendor for the fabric is Quilting Treasures.  I will be taking pre-orders for any of the fabrics you might be interested in.  Please make your choice and send me an e-mail at or respond back on this one. You can then pick it up when you visit my store.  We cannot release the fabric before the shop hop starts.  (I will order extra.  However, last year I almost ran out so this helps me decide how much to order to make sure I have enough to last for the two months.)  

The fabric order deadline for the shops is March 13th and their will be only a 1-time print with no re-orders. This is why I need to try and make sure I order enough.

We will also be taking orders for the booklet.  I have not heard yet if they are having t-shirts or anything else.  But if we do I will let you know.

Below are the fabrics:

I would like the following prints and the  following amounts:
27553 X   border print    ___________________
27554 B   overall vehicles/stores on blue_____________
27554 E   Shop Hop toss in cream________________
29981 R   Missouri Route Signs___________________
29982 B   Blue Birds___________________________
29983 E   Missouri Word Toss Red___________________
29983 Q   Missouri Word Toss Blue  ________________
29984 E   Missouri State Flower  ___________________

Blender #1 cream  __________________
Blender #2 yellow___________________
blender #3  orange/red _______________
blender #4  blue______________________
blender #5  aqua blue _________________
blender #6  green_____________________

Booklet for Shop Hop for prizes etc. _______  # needed - each person that participates may want a booklet
They had great prizes last year!

I usually over-order on the basics so it is mainly the prints you might want to consider pre-ordering. 

We are working on a project for this line.  If it works out before the cut-off date for ordering, we can approx. fabric amount for you.