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New at Quilt 4 U - Nov 16

New Fabrics:


New Notions:

  OESD's Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth is a premium tool for all your embroidery projects. Press puckers out of embroidered fabrics. Prevents embroidery texture from getting crushed. Absorbs steam to set a perfectly pressed finish. Use over and over

Also use the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth like a traditional press cloth – place project right side up on ironing surface and place press cloth over the top of the project. Try using the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth with quilt blocks – the texture of the press cloth is perfect for accommodating bulky seams! Easy to use and easy to maintain, the press cloth measures 20in square, and is the only press cloth you will ever need!
  • Color: White
  • Use: Pressing Cloth
  • Size: 20in x 20in
  • Included: One Cloth


     Wine Shades

Each 18in long panel makes 2 shades, 10-minutes each! Place on a wine glass with an LED tea-light inside.  Hum....have lots of Christmas fabric?  Wouldn't these look great on your holiday table.
  • Non-Woven
  • Fusible
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Double Sided
  • Washing/Drying instructions: Follow Fabric Care instructions


 Kimberbell Specialty Sewing & Embroidery Stabilizers are used with Tear-Away, Cut-Away, and Wash-Away on a wide variety of projects. Use Silky Soft Backing for sheers, silks, and other lightweight fabrics, Fusible Backing to add body and prevent fabric puckering, and Fusible Peel & Stick for easy applique.

- Prevents stitches from sinking into fabric nap
- Use over dark fabrics to show stitchwork in light colors
- Excess topping easily tears away from design
- Colors: white, black, grey, red, blue, and yellow

Instructions for Use - Place down before stitching desired stitch. Use Kimberbell paper tape to hold topping in place during embroidery. To remove, pull excess topping away from design. Use tweezers to remove topping from small spaces.

  • Non-Woven
  • Sew-In
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Single Sided
  • Washing/Drying instructions: Follow Fabric Care instructions

    Machine Updates currently available for Baby Lock owners:

Update Version 5.13 applies to the following machines:
    • Ballad (BLBA)
    • Aria (BLAR)
    • BLAE (Aerial)
    • Journey (BLJY)
    • Crescendo (BLCR)
    • Chorus (BLCH)
    • Unity (BLTY)
    • Pathfinder (BLPF)
    • Spirit (BLPY)
    + A WIFI update for the Baby Lock Flare (BLMFL) and Baby Lock Vesta (BLMVE)