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Quilt 4 U May 20, 2022

New Fabric:


Ready for fall?  I know it's barely summer....but time goes by fast and fall will be here before we know it.
This collection has 4 kits cut for "Golden Days".  The scarecrow border surrounds 12 fall blocks in the center.

The kit is 60.5 x 75.5 cost is $89.55

Below is a larger picture of the scarecrow border print.  Really cute! 


Had a zoom call yesterday with one of my vendors.  Products are still slow coming in.  The ports in the US are moving well now but getting the product from overseas can still be difficult due to the backlog during the pandemic.  If you see something you want, order while we can get it.  I am ordering 1 more bolt of the border fabric above and the fabric shown below for backing.  I should be able to cut 2 more kits for a total of 6.

If you are interested in any cut yardage or a kit, let me know and I will try and get it before it sells out.

 overall scarecrows on order?

There is another panel and a fabric that is cute shown below....I will order them if there is enough interest (assuming they don't sell out): 

  will order if requested

 will order this panel if requested

Another option for this line is the quilt shown below.  If enough interest, we will make kits for it.  If you are interested in quilt #2.  we will cut it as shown if all fabrics are in stock.

 Option Kit #2

We are trying to keep your quilting hobby affordable.  It is difficult with the increase in products, shipping and internal shop utility costs /rent etc.

We are making fewer kits than normal and order only what we need.  Space its tight for storage but we will try and get what you need if we can.
Many of my customers call to see if "we have something in stock".  Sometimes we do...sometimes we don't.  We do appreciate the opportunity to meet your needs when we can.

We place fabric orders 6 months before delivery.  Most items are now arriving on schedule.  Very few fabric vendors are re-printing any of their order/buy it when you see it. 

I encourage you to "shop local" in your hometown when you can.  To keep all small businesses in business, we should try to shop with them first.

We appreciate you as one of our customers.