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Quilt 4 U May 29, 2021 Halloween Collection #3 Witchful Thinking

New Fabrics:

1534-55 Purple

1535-55 Purple
1536-55 Purple1537-99 Black
1538-99 Black
1539-55 Purple
1540-33 Orange
1541-99 Black1542-33 Orange
1543P-55 Purple

Witchful Thinking Quilt #1
Isn't this a cute collection?  The last picture shows the quilt pattern.  If you are interested in a kit, please contact us.

We are thinking about cutting the witch hats/with cats for the top/bottom borders instead of the pieced witch hats.

This fabric just arrived and has not been priced yet.  We anticipate cutting kits in June.  Fabric will be released to the floor after we have finished with the kits. 

Iron-Away Topping 12in x 10yds                                 
Kimberbell Specialty Sewing & Embroidery Stabilizers are used with Tear-Away, Cut-Away, and Wash-Away on a wide variety of projects. Use Silky Soft Backing for sheers, silks, and other lightweight fabrics, Fusible Backing to add body and prevent fabric puckering, and Fusible Peel & Stick for easy applique.

- Prevents stitches from sinking into plush, high-pile fabrics like terrycloth and fleece
- Slight texture allows stabilizer to grip plush fabrics
- Apply heat with iron and pressing cloth, melts in ten seconds with no residue left on project

Instructions for use: Place down before stitching desired stitch. Use Kimberbell paper tape to hold topping in place during embroidery. To remove, pull excess topping away from design. Cover with pressing cloth and gently press with a hot iron for ten seconds. Remaining topping will transfer to the pressing cloth. For smaller detail stitches, a heat tool held one to two inches away from project may be used to melt excess stabilizer.

 New X-wide Backings:
White Happiness 108in Wide Back
Happiness in White - 108 inch wide 

Tan Wheat 108in Wide Back
Wheat in Tan - 108 inch wide

Machine Embroidery Project
Red White & Bloom Machine Embroidery Version  Red, White & Bloom (There is also a sewing version available for those who don't do machine embroidery.) 

Three cheers for the Red, White, & Bloom! Kimberbell’s patriotic quilt honors “Home Sweet Home” with twinkling Fairy Lights, applique stars, and more. A pickup truck leads the hometown parade, while a vintage grill warms up for the barbecue. Fireflies in “glass” Mason jars glow with the flip of a switch, and sparkling rockets celebrate “Family, Fireworks, & Freedom!” With stars, stripes, melons, and more, Red, White, & Bloom perfectly coordinates with Kimberbell’s Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow.  (We have this project book/cd too!  See below).

Red White & Bloom - Embellishment Kit Embellishment Kit

Quilt Kit Red, White & Bloom, 40in x 40in Fabric Kit

Pattern Booklet also includes instructions for a Posies & Pinwheels Table Topper, a Beautiful and Bright Denim Tote, and "Something Sweet" Tea Towel.

Main Street Celebration:
Wanting a little more decor in your home this season (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) why not a bench pillow?

Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow Pattern - ME

Join the Main Street Celebration! Kimberbell’s beautiful Bench Pillow Pattern pulls out all the stops, with colorful Fairy Light fireworks bursting in the night sky. Downtown is all dressed up for the patriotic party, with banners, bunting, and even a miniature Red, White, & Bloom quilt! From pickups and gas pumps to windmills and more, Main Street Celebration is inspiring decor for every hometown heart.

Main Street Celebration Embellishment Kit
We’ve gathered all the down-home details for your Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow.  Delight in colorful Fairy Lights, Mylar balloons, Applique Glitter rockets, and charming new buttons. Plus so much more!

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