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New Halloween Fabric - Spooky Night - Collection #2 of the 3 I have purchased or 2021

More new Halloween Fabric:

5723-97 Midnight
5726-97 Midnight
5727-93 Black/Orange
5718-99 Black
5720-33 Orange
5720-99 Black
5717-93 Black/ Orange
5719-33 Ecru/Orange
5721-33 Orange
5721-99 Black
5722-91 Gray
5724-79 Ink
5725-19 Gray
5725-33 Orange
5728-93 Black/Orange
5729P-93 Black/Orange

This is the Quilt we will be kitting.  Spooky Night Quilt #1
This is the table runner and placemats if anyone wants a kit.
Spooky Night Table Set

These just arrived in the store and we do not have them in inventory yet.  If you are interested in a kit, let us know.  We plan to cut in June and put the fabric on the floor to sell in July.


Product Image For TGQ110.ABC 123 Cool Pins

 Numbered (0-25) on one side and lettered (A-Z) on the other, ABC 123 Cool Pins are perfect for organizing your quilt pieces. At .5mm - these pins are sharp and will never leave holes behind in your fabric. As an added bonus, the pinheads are heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 104 hexagon shaped pins come in a reusable storage box.

104 total pins
4 sets A- Z (0-25)