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March 15th - To my Love Sewing Friends

Seems like I don't have a lot to share lately other than what my grandkids are up to.

  Appears Tucker is learning to play pool now. 

I got a video the other day of him shooting his bow and arrow.  It was very slow motion which made it funny to watch.  At the end he was jumping and so excited!  I didn't see the arrow hitting the target so am guessing he was just able to shoot it for a distance.  Ha!

Took Brenna shopping.  She got a new purse and another pair of sunglasses.  She loves wearing sunglasses...even when she doesn't need them like in the house!

The kids have been back in school and daycare for several weeks now.  Their school didn't close but Jennifer was homeschooling them while she and Justin were working from home.

Matthew and Blair's wedding is going to take place in June.  Hopefully Mom and Aunt Betty will go since they are getting their Covid shots.  We are planning Easter dinner at her house.  It's been a very long time since we all got together.

My last covid shot is March 22nd.  I plan to start Wednesday Love Sewing on March 31st.  I believe the city still requires social distance.  I have been trying to decide how to do that and keep everyone safe.  I will have to have limited numbers.  I have tried to determine the best way to do that fairly for everyone.  I thought we would try scheduling on my website ie.  Private Party #1  Wednesday March 31st   and Private Party #2 Wed April 7th. 

Everyone can sign up for (1) one of those dates and hopefully that will accommodate everyone and we can be safe.  Plus I don't want to get shut down or fined by the city.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.