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Q4U November 12, 2020

New Fabrics:

SRK-20334-1 WHITE  Frontline Heroe's - have with the white background and a blue background - good choice for fabric masks to recognize the medical personnel who are working so hard for the American People.

RK-product AQSD-19721-142 RK-product AQSD-19721-3 RK-product AQSD-19720-63 RK-product AQSD-19720-5 RK-product AQSD-19718-205

Merry Digital Panel:

Merlot Hoffman Merry Digital Cuddle Panel  Panel (shown in image) is 100% polyester made by Shanmnon Fabrics Cuddle.  The size is 45 / 58.  Add a backing and quilt and you have a quilt holiday throw for gift giving.