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Hello to my Love Sewing Friends

Hope everyone is doing well.  Talked to a friend of mine yesterday and her cousin has passed away and she has 2 other family members in different cities ill with Covid 19 one of whom is in the hospital.  Hope everyone in our group continues to be careful in the months ahead.    Planning to get my flu shot more thing to check off of my to-do list.

JJ's old store is closed now on the business loop.  Have seen trucks outside the new location and they should be open tomorrow if everything goes as planned and no more glitches for them.

Big news in our husband Terry has a transition date of January 30, 2020 from State Farm and will also be retiring on that date.  He is very excited that the timing worked out so well for him.   Until then he will be busy working at the bank in St. Louis and also doing the de-com for the regional office here.  I would  guess when all of that is finished he will spend his last days working from home on line.  Guess I will need to start another "honey-do" list for him.....not that he isn't already making his own plans.  Ha!

If interested....go to your Facebook and do a search for Quilt 4 U.  Please do a like.  I will be sharing an announcement in the next few days and it will be on my Quilt 4 U facebook first.