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To my Love Sewing Friends

JJ's restaurant is moving October 1st to the new location on Providence Road.  They have their signs up now.  They will have lots more space.   I hope they do well.  

I got a picture from Jennifer this a.m. of Brenna. But none of Tucker.  Asked her where he was?  Said he had a black eye so no picture of him.  Well, how did he get it?  Her response:

"Apparently a jump that included a flip. He landed successfully but bent down as he landed and hit his eye on his knee. 99% sure he was trying to be a ninja or spy. He got it pretty good. It’s really swollen and black"
I think Tucker needs to think about a different career path.  Ha!

We are having a "shop from home" activity this Saturday at 8:00 a.m.  If you are interested go to our website and check it out under classes.  No charge!   You can have your morning coffee and join in while wearing your p.j.'s.