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Quilt 4 U to my Love Sewing Friends

Hope everyone is doing well.  

None of my personal news is very good.  The air-conditioner in the car was fixed and is working well.  Thanks goodness.  It is so hot.

Terry should be getting his truck into the shop soon to fix the dent I put in it.  (Backed it out of the garage and hit the left side on the garage frame.  Oops!)  That should be covered other than the deductible.  

Talked to the new accountant and shared an error I found in the return.  It was reviewed again and the amount went down some but we still owe thousands of dollars this year.  Yikes!

Electric company showed up a week or so ago and put freon in the house air conditioning units. of them went out.  Ouch!  I know the other one is on it's last days too.  We have ordered one new unit.  Hopefully the other unit will last until the end of the year or longer.

Otherwise, everyone in our family is doing well.  All are still healthy and being cautious on where we go. 

I have been sleeping on the couch as the bedroom is hot.  Terry joined me for a short while last night (the other sofa is smaller) but he finally went back to bed.  Ha!  Guess I will be nice tonight and toffer to take the bed upstairs.

Life's little challenges.  

Kids are still having a great time this summer....just things are different.  

These were taking at Splash Pad which I think is at Stephens Park.

I have seen some of your recently so it is good to know you are doing well.  

I'm sure you saw the news or my e-mail that masks are required in Columbia as of 5:00 p.m. Friday.   Take care and be safe.