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Love Sewing Group in Columbia, MO

Hello Wednesday group!  Hope everyone is doing well.

Not much happening with me.  Still working on Tucker's spy cave for under his bed.  Had to get some different velcro.  He has lights under there but still wanted dark fabric around the sides.  I guess that is how Ninja Spy's hide.  I had a hard case briefcase from my days at State Farm.  I thought every spy needed a brief case to hide their spy stuff in.  He was very excited.  I couldn't find the key but it does have a dial to lock it.  I hope he doesn't forget the code or his spy secrets may be secrets forever.  Ha!

My brother took the grandkids, Jennifer and Justin, Mom, Aunt Betty, and Matt's soon-to-be-bride to the farm to shoot rockets and watch them parachute down.  They were able to find all but one.  Mom fixed a lunch so they also had a picnic.  They have one more trip planned and were planning a camp out.  I wasn't going until I found out it was actually a camp out inside the house mom is having renovated on the farm with new air-conditioning and carpet etc.  Sounds more like my kind of camping.  Hope they have enough sleeping bags.  Ha!

Jennifer took the kids to a friends house in Blackwater to see ponies, horses and mules.  They also got to practice roping cattle, ride on an ATV, ride a tractor, and swim in the lake.  I guess they had a great time....they were both asleep as soon as they left.

Some misc. trivia....have eaten at JJ's several times on the Business Loop.  A week ago Saturday they had 70 curbside to go orders.  Wow!  They have closed on the former Country Kitchen Property and should open there approx. July.  I am happy they have been able to survive and hope they do great in that location.

I noticed Ruby Tuesday across for the mall has a "for lease" sign on their property.  I went to Pier One Imports the other day to see what they had on sale since they are closing too.  Fortunately, I didn't see anything I needed to buy.  Ha!

I haven't heard about our Penney's store.  I do need to go there to buy a couple of items so if anyone hears they are closing in Columbia, please let me know.

Nancy's Notions was purchased by Tacony/BabyLock several years ago.  They have now sold it to Missouri Star in Hamilton Missouri.

Linda Bratten shared that Craftsy/BluePrint is shutting down.  If you have purchased any patterns from them, you want to be sure and download them.  I know Linda had worked with them some in the past.

Linda Bratten has also been selected as a BabyLock Educator.   

We are now opening 3 days per week.....Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.   We will be starting a few classes in June and see how that goes.  I have had several requests for the retreats, embroidery club, and classes in general.  I still plan a slow start-up....thinking about all of my customers and keeping an eye on what Fauci recommends. 

I had an interesting out-of-state website order today.  It was all fabric.  I must say this is the BIGGEST web site order I have ever had.  It was for over $650.00.  I was in total shock....could hardly breathe.  Thankful in this time of the virus to receive such a great order.  Well.....I was a little short on a couple of fabrics and called her to see if she wanted it still or if she wanted to cancel her entire order.  I had my fingers crossed.   We talked on the phone quite a while and she asked if I had any other fabrics etc. in that collection.  I did as I had several bolts of each of them.   She increased her order on several of the fabrics and then purchase fabric from a couple more bolts.  At that point, I quit crossing my fingers....and jumped with joy....ran around the shop screaming with joy and had my husband come in to help me count it call so I could ring it up to get the new total for her.  How much was the final order you ask?    Are you curious?  Well ......

keep looking.....

keep looking......

It was $1,833.09.   My husband boxed it up.  It took 2 big boxes and it is ready to be dropped at Fed-Ex in the a.m.

I seriously doubt if I will ever have an inter-net order this big again....but will remember this day forever and be grateful I am in business for another month thanks to a new customer in Oregon.

I hope I haven't bored you with my stories.  Let me know what you have been doing.  Be safe and take care.