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May 30 2020

New Batiks:

Product Image For B7779-CABIN.  Product Image For B5972-BERRY. Product Image For B7779-OAK. Product Image For B7780-RUST.
Cabin - Dk Brn/Grn leaves      Berry - oak leaves            Oak - pinecones                 Rust - Leaves  

Product Image For B7778-NATURE. Product Image For B7781-MIDN.Product Image For B7779-PINE.   Product Image For B5029-HUNTER.
 Nature -Bears/Moose               Midnight                                    Pine                             Hunter

  Mini Madness:  

RK-product SRK-19700-1 RK-product SRK-19696-1 RK-product SRK-19699-1 RK-product SRK-19688-1 RK-product SRK-19689-1

Pine Tree               Sewing Notions     Snowmen           Small Dots         Bees and Honeycomb

RK-product SRK-19695-1 RK-product SRK-19691-1 RK-product SRK-19692-1

Needles and Pins     Hashtag              Plus sign  

Ramblings Spring Collection:

Product Image For RAMS4209-W.  Eagles - (great background for patriotic quilts).

Essentials:  White on whites   
1817-39126-100.jpg  Paisley
1817-39121-100.jpg Geos

1817-39122-100.jpg Boho Diamonds
1817-39127-100.jpg  Dotted scroll

New Towels for Applique, Machine Embroidery, or just for kitchen use:

Halloween Dobby Border Kitchen Towel Happy Holiday Plaid Kitchen Towel Carrot Orange Mini Check Kitchen Towels

Halloween Dobby Border                   Happy Holiday Christmas Plaid   Carrot Orange Mini Check

For machine Embroidery:

Wine Bottle Apron & Chef Hat Set    Polka Dot Cotton and Terry Cloth Infant Bib                         Product Image For KDKB185.

Black Wine bottle Apron & chef hat   Polka Dot Cotton/terry Bib - Blue or Pink        Autumn Splendor Buttons

Product Image For SWASD55.    Product Image For FF2019D1.
Enchanted Unicorns          Flamingo Flirtation

Jack Dempsey Embroidery Blocks:
Product Image For 732-706.  Product Image For 4060-442. Product Image For 300-922.         Product Image For 737-929.

Blue Floral - 18 in blocks     Jungle Train - Crib Quilt     Dinosaurs                      Baby Unicorns - 9 in 
Misc. Notions:

Product Image For 4053CV. Fabric Folding Pen  
 What is it? - Sewing is all about construction. At its most elemental level whether your preference is fashion, heirloom, quilting, applique, home decor, or any combination, it is all the same. It's putting fabric together in some arrangement that results in our predetermined creative vision. But before we can apply even the very first stitch we have to make sure our fabric is cut, folded and pressed to very specific dimensions. The fabric must be manipulated into the shapes that will result in the conclusion of that vision. Sharp scissors and a rotary cutter will make the shapes. But what about the creases or folds? What's the best way to do that? Simple . . . Clover's Fabric Folding Pen. Think of a felt tip pen that is filled with what amounts to be a very unique fabric softener. Just remove the cap and with the felt tip trace either a straight or curved wet bead line on your fabric. The fluid from the pen causes the fabric fibers to relax at the point of application. Now you can fold along that specific line with ease and either finger press or iron to form a sharp, lasting edge. The pieces of your project can now be assembled easily and precisely and they will look great!

What does it do? - The applications are endless and make fabric manipulation quick, easy and precise.

English Paper Piecing can now be done without all of the stitches. Wow, what a time saver. Let's you form all of your shapes quickly and easily and get on to the fun part of creating your finished product.
Any crease or hem you want to form can be made very quickly with our without an iron. Use a straight edge to lay down the wet bead line and then simply fold over and finger press or iron. Even the most detailed designs can be accomplished. This is an especially useful tool when working with minimum seam allowances.
The Fabric Folding Pen is a natural for appliqué or reverse appliqué. You can either trace or freehand any line that forms your design. These "relaxed" fibers will allow you to easily manipulate your fabric around that line. Doing patch pockets? Same principle. Trace the shape you want, fold along the line, press and then stitch in place. Easy peezie.
Ever go to a sewing class and have to wait forever to use the iron? No more. Take your Fabric Folding Pen and you'll be ahead of the rest of the class all night.
We've all bought a piece of fabric that had an unwanted crease across it or perhaps we accidentally formed one while ironing. What's the easiest way to get rid of it? Trace over the unwanted seam with the Fabric Folding Pen, iron and it's gone. Think of it as reverse ironing.
What do you do when the pen fluid is used up? No worries, they're refillable. Mix a few drops of fluid concentrate with tap water and you're good to go. By the way, the fluid is unaffected by ironing

Product Image For 20442.  Quilty Password Keeper   Product Image For PWB05.  Crazy Quilt Password Organizer

New Patterns:

Product Image For EH054.
  Koalas - Quilt (65 x 78) and pillow pattern

Product Image For EH041.  Penguin Party (Quilt 60 x 66) and Pillow pattern
More New Socks:
Product Image For GIF-QSO-NOB. 
Quilting Notions (Pins, thread, scissors)

New Store Hours:  (in-store shopping is available)

Beginning June we will now be open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  We will continue to monitor the virus situation and as things improve we will expand store hours.  We encourage you to continue to order on-line and we do ship packages and will also do curb-side pick-up.  Please remember, your payment is NOT processed until we confirm the item(s) you ordered are in stock.  We will then e-mail or call and confirm your purchase is ready for pick-up.