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May 15 Q4U update

We are approx. 50% complete on sending out e-mail invoices of the special fabric many of you ordered.  I appreciate everyone's patience due to the large volume of orders we received.

As we complete more of these, we will continue to send additional e-mail notifications to you and will add additional days in which you can pick-up fabric.   (probably Sunday and Monday)

If you have underlying health issues, we will arrange some additional pick-up times for you.   Don't hesitate to e-mail if you need packages mailed or alternative times.  We are more than happy to work with you.

We will have hand-sanitizer available for your use and will colorox-wipe the door handle to the store at the beginning of each hour.

If you have added anything additional to your order (fabric etc.) you will receive an updated e-mail when everything is ready.

Until then, be safe!