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Fabric for masks - URGENT - Quilt 4 U

I suspect many folks will need to wear masks for a period of time while shopping at the mall, going grocery shopping, to the beauty shop, as patients in hospitals and/or visiting patients in hospitals.

I have the opportunity to purchase anti-bacterial fabric that is a woven domestic 65/35 poplin with a technology engineered into the fabric that inhibits growth of bacteria when washed with an EPA-registered bleach. 

BioSmart® is a patented technology, engineered into the fabric, that binds chlorine from the wash to the surface of the fabrics, the chlorine inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria. Here’s how. When laundered as directed with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach*, BioSmart® binds the chlorine to its surface, which then kills 99.9%** of many common bacteria and viruses.  

BioSmart® technology is available in items such as medical labcoats, medical scrubs, privacy curtains, aprons, butcher coats, workshirts and pants through selected partners.

The fabric technology recharges with chlorine during each washing, thus providing a longer shelf life and optimizing value for manufacturers, laundries and consumers alike.

Unfortunately I am unable to donate this fabric.  I am willing to purchase it and sell it at my cost + a split of the shipping costs I am charged (probably an extra few cents per yard).

I can get bolts of white 15 yard bolts for $8.07 per yard in 2 weeks.  67 inches wide  ***blue $9.25 yd in 2 - 3 weeks

I can get a 250 roll for $5.80 per yard which is available NOW.  61.75 inches wide. ***blue $7.00 yard in 2 -3 weeks

I am told these will sell out very, very fast.  I must get my order in ASAP.  

If you want any, please e-mail me how many yards you want.  I would like to buy it by the roll so we can get it for $5.80. in white or $7.00 in blue.

Please e-mail me:

Your name for your personal use or as the contact for your organization:

Your telephone number:

Your e-mail:

How many yards you want (minimum 1 yard order or more):

White or blue (blue is more expensive)

If you know of a group making masks who are willing to purchase this fabric, please let them know.  I will be sending in my order tomorrow.
It must be picked up at Quilt 4 U - cannot ship it.