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Love Sewing Friends

Good morning everyone.  Hope all is going well.

My mother is making masks again.... she got an e-mail from the neighbors requesting more.  I gave Linda R 36 this a.m. for Fishes and Loaves.  I know another customer is trying to make masks for the State Hospital in Fulton.  Another customer is still making them for nursing homes.  Those will be really big jobs.  I saw on the news that most prisons are having large outbreaks.  Haven't heard anything about the ones in Missouri so hope they are doing better.  I have a friend that has a son working at one.

On the positive side I saw the city spraying water or something on some poles.  I assume they are trying to clean or disinfect to  take care of the buttons on the cross-walk lights at the intersections.  I hadn't thought about that until this a.m.  I went to a convenience store this a.m. and they have also marked the floors for the 6 foot distance at checkout.  It's good to see the business community doing all they can to help out.

Gas is really down in price.  We have filled up....but since we don't drive much it should last a long time. 

I see 3 southern states are opening.  I have mixed feelings about that.  I heard we should know in about 3 weeks if it was a mistake and their numbers take a large increase in infections.  I had previously announced I was closed until May 1st.  Thought I would survey my friends and see what you think.

1.  If our state/county removes restrictions by May 1st are you o.k. with shopping again.

If not, would May 15th or June 1st be a better choice for you?  I would still do curb-side and inter-net.  I am thinking about notifying everyone May 15th and then extend it to another future date beyond that  if I am still uneasy about our state regardless of the political decision.   Appreciate your thoughts as I need to notify my vendors if I want to delay shipments another month.