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Love Sewing Friends

Terry and I got our check from the government today.  Will probably use it for May store rent.

Received an e-mail that a cousin is in St.Louis for cancer treatments.  She wanted a pattern for masks for her and her husband.  I still have several my mother made so mailing her a few.  I'm sure she has her hands full right now caring for him.
I also took some to Hy-Vee as I noticed not all of the cashier's and workers had masks.  They were very excited to get them.  The only bad part was they wanted my picture.  Not a good day.  I went there in a hurry and had not washed or combed my hair and way past due for a hair-cut.  Oh, well.  The good part was a very cute employee wearing his mask got in the picture with me.  Ha!

Several people coming to the store today for fabric for face masks.  One group is about 20 4H girls.  That finishes the first bolt Northcott sent me.  Hopefully some will want more next week too.  Should have more being dropped off for the quilt guild on Saturday.  Have quite a few for them already.

Was invited over to see Tucker and Brenna yesterday.  I couldn't believe how much Brenna had grown.  Jennifer said she is wearing 4T now.  I guess she loved her mermaid Barbie.  Jennifer said she carried it around all day.  We took both of the kids sticker books yesterday.  Got another letter from Tucker saying how much they liked their surprises.  His favorite so far was his matchbox car. 

My mother had decided to quit making masks but several of her neighbors still want some so she is making them again.  

Hope everyone is still doing well.  Take care!