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To my Love Sewing Friends

I was watching T.V downstairs Friday night.  I often fall asleep and then have really strange dreams depending on what I had been watching.  This time I dreamed a bug was on my arm.  I am sure I probably  moved my arm in my sleep.  Saturday morning, Terry and I went downstairs to watch a little t.v.  All of a sudden I saw a wasp flying thru the air.  Of course, I screamed and ran while Terry killed it.  Morale of the story....sometimes your dreams do come true.  Ha!

Later Terry went out to mow, and I saw another wasp on the floor.  I screamed and had to put on my "big girl panties" and kill this one myself.  I also saw a wasp flying outside on our bottom deck.  Solution - Terry said he has wasp spray and will take care of the problem.  I bet there is a whole family of them outside.

Sunday, we planned to go to the shop and see if I got mail.  As I walked thru the garage a baby mouse ran across the driveway right in front of me.  Yep!  I screamed again.  I wonder if our new neighbors next door wonder what is going on at our house?  Solution - Terry set a mouse trap and has already caught one in the garage.  Hum....wonder if we have a family of them in our house too?  May have to buy more mouse traps.  

Wanted to share some positive things about the virus:

1.  Saving lots of money by not eating out all the time.

2.  Saving more $ on gas since the price is so low from everyone driving less (and the oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia helped too).

3.  Lots of parking spaces down town now (but why go...everything is closed?)

4.  My yard looks really good....Terry has mowed it again!  Even mowed Jennifer's last week. 

5.  As part of Tucker's school assignment on writing, he sent me a letter in the mail to thank us for the little surprises we have been leaving on their front door.  Last week it was a hot wheels car for him, a Barbie mermaid for Brenna, and a rice krispie treat for each of them.  Tucker always gets a purple bag and Brenna gets orange.  No confusion on who gets what.

Brenna also mailed a picture she colored....still not sure what it is?  a dog, a horse? a picture of me?.  Surely it's not the last one...don't think I look that bad yet.  Of course a couple more weeks I might find it does look like me.  Ha! 

5.  My mail comes much earlier now and shipments when I am at the store (must not be a lot of items being mailed/shipped now). 

See if you can think of anything positive.

Of course Sunday was Easter.  My brother periodically sends us pictures.  

I guess I didn't get gloves since I had a bigger flower on my dress.   My mother commented that this picture was taken a "few years" ago.  I responded about 60 years ago.  She responded that I was getting close.  Ha!

Hope everyone is still doing well.  Sorry, I don't have anything more exciting to share.