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Help for MU nurses/doctors and other personnel

MU has brought me 95 yards of material approved for masks for health care professionals. They are having trouble keeping up with the cutting and have asked if I would help out. We need pieces cut into 7 inch x 8 inch pieces. You can cut at home if you have an animal free and smoke free home. Otherwise, it will need to be cut here at the store. We have soap so everyone can wash their hands and will sanitize the tables. Please bring a cutting mat and rotary cutter if you want to assist. If you want to pick up some fabric and your home is animal free/smoke free that would be great. 

Picking up - call the store at 573 443 7858 between now and 4:00 p.m. and we will have to go bags ready for you at the door.

Cutting in the store - We will have limits of 6 cutters per every 2 hours to have a social safe distance for everyone.  My husband will spread out the tables and sanitizie them with each shift change.  We will ask everyone to wash their hands here before they start.  The sign-up for this will be on my website showing as "volunteer help".

I am in the process of loading now with a start time of 12:00 p.m.  Please be patient as shifts fill, we will keep adding cutting slots.