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Love Sewing Group

How are all of my sewing friends doing?  No illness I hope.  If anyone needs something from the grocery store and doesn't want to get out, send me an e-mail with your list.  I will plan to go early tomorrow a.m. before any crowds are out.  Also, will need your address and telephone number.  Would be happy to drop the bags off at your door.

My family is well. Matt is still working in Arkansas.  Jennifer and Justin are mostly working from their home and most of their employee's are too.  State Farm sent most of their Columbia employee's home with laptops.  Terry had to go to the Bank in St. Louis to pick up two big scanners but the building was very empty.  He may be working at home in the future too.  

I saw Missouri has 168 cases...maybe more by now.  Hopefully our efforts our working and the numbers will be low.

Most of my vendors are stopping shipments now.  The rest I have e-mailed not to ship until May.  They have all been very understanding.

I did have to come in today to meet UPS/FEDX and theynwill be headed home.  

My mother always sends me something with her a.m. e-mail.  I thought us older folks would understand it.  Ha!