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News from Q4U

Good early a.m. morning to all.  I hope everyone is safe and snug in their beds.

Brenna and Tucker are home with Justin beginning today.  Mom and Aunt Betty made their last trip to the grocery store with Kenny on Monday.

Tuesday was a very slow day.  Daniel was here working and it was just the two of us.  He had to leave aro
und 4:00.  My husband showed up around 4:40.  At 4:45 a customer showed up with 2 machines to be serviced.  That was the excitement for yesterday.

I made a crock pot (I long has it been since I cooked anything?) of navy beans and ham.  Yesterday for breakfast it was excellent.  At lunch it was pretty good.  At supper Terry arrived and though it was great and had 2 bowls...I thought it was o.k.

The challenge for many more bowls of navy beans can I eat?  I did stop at Dunkin donuts for 2 boston cream and a chocolate milk.  I just can't do beans for breakfast again!l

No, this isn't a picture from the Quilt shop.  My mama shared it with me today.  Enjoy!.