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Q4U news for Oct. 24, 2019

New Notions:
Product Image For 6031CV.  Flexible Rubber Thimble

New Fabrics:

Pen and Ink by Studio RK - Complete Collection Pen and Ink Jelly Roll

Liberty Star:   

Product Image For 1578-011.  Product Image For 1571-088.  Product Image For 1581-088.  Product Image For 1581-011.
Teal - Star Blossoms           Deep Red - Star Squiggles  Deep Red - Triangle Star Vines Turpuoise Triangle Star Vine

Product Image For 1586-044. Product Image For 1583-011. Product Image For 1586-044. Product Image For 1581-044.
Cream Stars & Toile            Aqua Stars & Seaweed        Cream Sprigs & Stars        Cream Triangle Star Vines

Treasures of Alexandria:

SRKM-18846-89 OPAL SRKM-18848-6 PURPLE SRKM-18852-13 TAN SRKM-18847-89 OPAL SRKM-18851-89 OPAL SRKM-18853-51 JADE

Opal                         Purple                       Tan                Opal                        Opal                    Jade

SRKM-18853-15 IVORY SRKM-18851-201 JEWEL SRKM-18853-4 BLUE SRKM-18848-15 IVORY SRKM-18845-201 JEWEL SRKM-18848-213 TEAL
 Ivory                         Jewel                     Blue                  Ivory                   Jewel                  Teal

SRKM-18847-201 JEWEL SRKM-18845-89 OPAL SRKM-18846-201 JEWEL  SRKM-18850-201 JEWEL SRKM-18849-201 JEWEL
Jewel                       Opal                     Jewel                   Jewel                    Jewel

New 30's:

ADZ-18759-121 LIPSTICK ADZ-18758-80 EVENING ADZ-18759-146 MANGO ADZ-18753-5 YELLOW ADZ-18758-26 PETUNIA ADZ-18753-121 LIPSTICK
ADZ-18758-140 SCREAMIN' YELLOW ADZ-18758-36 ALOE

Picture This - This is a very large panel - 84 x 108


Pattern Spectacular Savanna   Spectacular Savanna by Elizabeth Hartment -   64 x 84 (bonus projects in book)

This kit was perfect for a new little one coming to the family.  Quilt finishes at 52 x 76

Upcoming Events:

Oct 24      10:00 a.m.    Beginning Quilt Piecing with Helen  $20.00
Oct 31                          I have a trick-or-treat gift with each store purchase 
Nov 01     10:00 a.m.    Kimberbell Club $20.00
Nov 02     10:00 a.m.    Broomhilda   $20.00 
Nov 05     10:00 a.m.    Sew Tuesday - if you want to join the group, call the store 573 443 7858 
Nov 06     10:00 a.m.    Love Sewing (filled)    
Nov 09      8:30 a.m.    Q4U Club 
Nov 09                         No Kimberbell Club today
Nov 12     10:00 a.m.     Sew Tuesday - if you want to join the group, call the store at 573 443 7858
Nov 13     10:00 a.m.     Love Sewing - (filled)
Nov.14     10:00 a.m.    Beginning Piecing with Helen $20.00
Nov 15     10:30 a.m.    Paper Pieced Ornaments with Carol (see picture below
Nov 26     10:00 a.m.    Balloon paper piecing class with Jeannie (full - another class will be scheduled at a later date)