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Sorry to have to share this news with you

I appreciate everyone's help with the pillowcases.  We have all but approx. 100 boxed and ready for mailing and/or delivery.  My husband and Mr. Tucker are taking the Missouri Girl's Town boxes to them this a.m.  I am sure the little guy will feel like a big helper with his paw-paw.

I believe our final count WAS 1875.  A lady from Boonville just showed up with a few she made for us and another lady is coming with some more.  She thought together they had a total of around 50 to donate which should put us over 1900.

Now, I need to tell you the rest.  Please sit down, and take a deep breathe.  I just received a box from the Meredith Corporation and the 1 million pillowcase challenge folks.  They sent us a bolt of fabric to "help us finish strong".  I hear the groans and the moans.  I'm sure everyone is so glad it did not arrive before we finished.  Ha!  It was nice of them to share.  It appears to have been a donation from Riley Blake fabrics.  I will show it to you next Wednesday at "Love Stitchin".  Enjoy your weekend....sewing or not.  Ha!