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The end is near - are you ready?

for Monday we have:

143 pillowcases to start on - that's the end of the boxes from the back room - do I hear a cheer?
64 in process - pinned, first seam, 2nd seam etc. - (this included what was left on tables from Friday and any brought in). **
Approx. 127 still waiting to come in

*(Amy was having serger problems that she and Helen spent a great deal of time working on Saturday.  Made some progress from what she had completed prior but then her serger had problems again.  At 5:00, I told her she had most of it done we would finish 2nd and 3rd seams of the rest) She left her machine for Daniel to take a look at on Tuesday.  Since she was best for us to finish them and I was ready for dinner.  Ha!. 

I think we should have no problem finishing up by end of day Tuesday or darn close!

The final week posting for American Patchwork and Quilting has been done.

I will send out the new voting link on Monday.

My thanks to each of you and your families for spending time working on this project.  I was able to get ride of a lot of my sale section over the past year and was able to make room for new fabrics).  You will make a lot of folks who have less than we do have a smile on their face with their gift.

You did good!