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March 11 Q4U News

New Notions:

The Clover Precision Stiletto is a natural for any application that requires detailed ironing or stitching. The Precision Stiletto is perfect for holding fabric in place for precision pressing. Doll clothes, applique, mitered corners, or any other close or small work can be held safely in place while ironing. Use either the pointy or the grippy tip, whichever is most suitable. Iron right up against the grippy tip for more precision. The Precision Stiletto is equally adept at the sewing table. Fabric manipulation across the needle plate of either a serger or a sewing machine can pose problems with the confluence of needles, feed dogs, presser feet, pins, fabric and fingers, all in a very small space. How do you keep track of all of that? The stiletto allows us to hold the fabric sans hands right up to where the action takes place. This prevents any painful punctures or pinches and allows more visibility and control of our stitching. Again, use which ever tip meets the needs of your fabric and sewing applications.

Hold it Precision Stiletto

Cut resistant gloves protect your hand while rotary cutting and more!  - Size Medium or Large
        Klutz Glove

  The 1 million pillowcase challenge continues at Quilt 4 U.

Do you recognize any of your friends?  Ha!  Maybe a future photo will give you more clues! 

We still need to make lots of pillowcases for charity.  If you would like to help us Tuesday or Wednesday call or email us at  573 443 7858 or  We should have lots of space on Tuesday and some on Wednesday.  If you don't know how to make the burrito style of pillowcase with french seams, we would be happy to teach you.  Don't sew? can pin or iron - we have lots of ways you can assist.

You and your friends can also help us by voting daily for our photo.  We earn extra points for facebook posts and votes on our picture.  Here is the link to use:  

Hint:  We are picture #20 - you should recognize the shop with the tiger quilt in the background.