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Feb 21 2019 News from Q4U

New Fabrics:

Wild & Whimsy Panel       Multi Forest                Multi Animals             Multi Rainbows             Multi Limestone

      Multi Leaves

Adventures in the Sky:

    1 of 2 Panels           Bears Balancing             Bunny Swinging         Grey New Adventures     Dolphins Swimming

    Floating                  Turquoise Pathways              Panel #2

Bares Essentials:

3318-002 Bare Essentials Deluxe - Flower Toss - Tuxedo Fabric 3322-002 Bare Essentials Deluxe - Starry Blooms - Tuxedo Fabric 3320-002 Bare Essentials Deluxe - Petit Floral - Tuxedo Fabric
            Floral Toss                                  Starry Blooms                                  Petite Floral

Kona® Cotton 30                      
30's mini charms - palette               Hue-Black with small dots   

Dip and Dab Bottle. This incredible applique glue is 100% water-soluble, dries in minutes, holds firmly until you want to loosen it, and does not feel stiff when dry. Contains no dyes or waxes or harmful chemicals and is pH neutral. Bottle is refillable.

The Gypsy Sensational Sip n Snip

One is simply not enough! Clamp this handy cup and accessory holder to your tabletop to keep your drink and sewing tools close by without taking up valuable space on your sewing table. The handy removable bag keeps your work area free of scraps and clippings. The rubber sleeved clamp installs easily and protects all work surfaces – including wood. The rust-proof metal frame holds coffee mugs, cups, bottles and even spray starch – which means you need one for your sewing area AND one for your ironing station!