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Kimberbell Make-up Classes

We are holding make-up classes this Friday and Saturday for the following:

Friday       Flower Zipper Bag

               hoop 5 x 7 or larger
               cut-away stabilizer
               kimberbell paper tape
               Embroidery thread - Helen recommends black or navy

Saturday   Snowman Kisses Pillow

               hoop 5 x 7 or larger
               cut away stabilizer
               embroidery thread - red, yellow, orange, black, green
               Kimberbell paper tape
               Sewing machine (or you can use one of the stores) - sewing thread - white, gray

Each class begins at 10:00.  If you are coming, please confirm so we will have an accurate count and will have the fabric kits ready to go.

Thanks for being part of the 2018 Kimberbell Club.  2019 club information will be coming out soon.